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Bill of Rights for All Children

Respiratory disease is the leading cause of school absence.

A child and his/her family has a right to:

  1. Be presented with the proven scientific facts of the dangers of smoke and it's long trending damage to the child's airways, lungs, heart and immune system, in a manner which raises appropriate concerns and avoids needless anxiety
  2. Be cared for by a supportive physician who provides preventive management by explaining to the child and parents the dangers of combustion by-products of candles, wood smoke, tobacco smoke, barbecue smoke, incense, and all smoke and fumes and their role in causing asthma, immune damage leading to allergies, long trending respiratory damage, and reduced lung function, even in asymptomatic children.
  3. Live in a smoke-free and clean energy (non wood-burning) home where reasonable attempts at eliminating relevant allergens are made (including woodsmoke, candle smoke, tobacco smoke, barbecue smoke, and incense.)
  4. Have full access to clean air so that potential scholastic, athletic, and social achievements are not limited by uncontrolled asthma and lost school days due to infections. To have athletic areas that are tobacco and wood smoke free. Including re-entrained woodsmoke in gyms and outdoors in football fields including play grounds, campgrounds, summer camps, scouting, and all child recreation areas (including mystery houses, laser tag, and activities such as hay rides).
  5. Learn self-management skills to minimize exposure to smoke and fumes and to have confidence they will not be exposed to hazardous combustion toxins such as dioxins and microscopic particles.
  6. Expect teachers, school nurses, coaches, camp counselors, and other adults entrusted with their care to understand the enlightened handling of pollution episodes and to promise to not expose them to any combustion byproducts, or any hazardous pollutants, and to notify public guardians if smoke or any hazardous pollutants, endanger their children. Expect caretakers to evacuate children to a smoke free area until the danger is cleared.
  7. Expect fire departments and police departments to be educated about the dangers of all smoke and to intervene and stop polluters endangering the life and health of the children.
  8. Expect communities to protect children's rights to a smoke free environment by banning open burning, fireplaces, woodstoves, and wood burning restaurants, in addition to tobacco. Expect communities and air districts to implement Awareness and Education Campaigns.


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